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Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel’s name means 'God is my strength', also called the “Messenger of the Divine”. Gabriel is the Archangel of communication, new beginnings, and strength. He is a powerful and loving messenger of Divine love, wisdom, and guidance. He is associated with white or copper light.

How Archangel Gabriel can assist you:

1. Children: Gabriel helps people with conception, pregnancies and birth. Children are very important to him, he guides parents, counsellors and teachers in how to help a sensitive kid.

2. Our Highest Calling: He supports us to work in our highest calling, to find our life purpose and encourages us to follow in our passion to conquer our dreams.

3. To recover self-confidence and lift your spirits: Archangel Gabriel gives us strength when we feel weak or emotional vulnerable and helps us to protect ourselves from harsh energy, negative situations, all drama and make us to feel stronger when we needed.

4. Help Solving Problems: If an idea about how to solve a challenging problem comes to your mind, especially after praying for a solution, it is a clear sign that Gabriel is working with you.

5. Communication: Gabriel assists us how to find the way to communicate with others, especially if there is drama, negativity or some situation which needs to be discussed or finalised and that involves strong emotions. In those cases he will reduce the stress and bring and serenity in the situation, bring the truth to light so justice is done and will bring bring joy for everyone involved.

To invite him to work with you:

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down, light a white candle since it is the color assigned to this Angel (this is optional, if you do not have it is fine).

Close your eyes and call his name, make three deep inspirations and visualize that on your forehead, an angelical white light enters and covers your whole body.

Keep your attention on the breath and note how the air enters and leaves the tip of your nose while that white light travels and fills your whole being, fills your head, your arms, your chest, your abdomen, your pelvis, your legs and your feet.

While you are visualizing this, call upon Archangel Gabriel and invite him into your life, to work with you:

Arcángel Gabriel I invite you to my life, to work with me. Please help me to communicate better with the people around me specially with (name of the person with whom you want to solve the communication problem); so that we can talk openly about our feelings in a loving way, and understand each other’s point of view. We need to make a decision on an important subject (name subject), and please give us strength and protection during this time. Thank you Archangel Gabriel for all your help.


Claudia Montano

Holistic and Alternative Therapist

Angelic Life Coach

In person and online consultations.

1 905 5816006


Instragram: whitelotuswellnesscentre

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